Meet the team that ensures our plans and activity are rooted in the needs of the people we support

Our Advisory Board are the people who ensure that the views of those we support are taken into account in the charity’s decision–making processes. 

Members of the Board have personal experience of learning disability, acquired brain injury or autism, so they have a clear understanding of the needs of people in a similar position.

The Advisory Board meets four times a year to consider key information relating to the work of the Board of Trustees and the Directors Team. Information is provided in easy read format. The members of the Advisory Board have the power to invite Directors to attend meetings and answer questions. 

Members’ feedback is collated by the Advisory Board Coordinator and is shared at Trustees and Management meetings to inform decisions.

At Positive Futures, we regard the work of the Advisory Board as crucial to our decision-making processes – and as proof that we put the people we support at the centre of everything we do.  

“I enjoy meeting with other members and getting out of the house. It is always good to hear they do listen, don’t they.”


“I enjoy the carry on and taking part in whatever we are talking about.”


“I enjoy the company and friendships and learning about new things that I find interesting.”


“I enjoy talking about and learning about all different kinds of things.”